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Shhhh.. They're Coming

[06 Jan 2007|12:57pm]

ZombiePink update here.  ZombiePink is a pin up style / blood fetish site with a soft edge.  I often receive a number of complaints whenever I promote so this time I will be explaining the website a little better.  When I post about the site in various lj communities it is NOT necessarily in order to make sales.  Sales are great, but I am mainly just trying to get my work out there.  There is a fully page of free samples available for viewing and commenting on.  In addition I receive a lot of comments on the work looking "cheap" or "amateur".  My answer to this is yes!  It's supposed to look cheesy!  I am a fetish model who has worked for a number of different photographers in the Baltimore Washington area.  Although I LOVE posing for various fetish photos gore and mess is my favorite way to go!  In addition to modeling, I have a large passion for horror films specifically zombies!  I thought it would be fun to combine them.  I have seen gorgeous work from others who have taken gore and made it sexy, but none with the fun and "cheese" of a horror film.  The work is supposed to be fun with a bit of sex appeal thrown in.  I have met many people that are in LOVE with this idea, but twice as many that have trouble understanding.  I expect this but thought I would try to make the idea a little clearer. 

My main question is where SHOULD I be marketing it?  No where I advertise seems to attract interest because it IS a very specific area I'm trying to market.  From feedback alone it appears as though I am too porno for the zombie/horror crowd, too soft for the bondage and fetish, and too amateur for the more "artsy" communities.  Any suggestions on this are greatly appreciated!

So if you choose feel free to take a peek.  If you like what you see you may also add us on myspace!  Enjoy!

Shhhh.. They're Coming

[20 Nov 2017|07:47pm]

ZombiePink update here. TWO new galleries! Enjoy folks. Stay tuned MUCH more to come...

Shhhh.. They're Coming

ZOMBIE FORUM [01 Nov 2006|10:18pm]

There is a new zombie forum for all zombie and living dead fans...
Sign up and talk about all your favorite undead films.
Suggest Catagories and their Boards to add to it...
I want to make this the biggest forum ever for everything living dead...
so e-mail this link to all your friends and spread the word....



Shhhh.. They're Coming

[15 Oct 2017|07:34pm]

ZombiePink update here.  We've made some changes to the site!  They include a drop in prices, a non-zombie pic on my bio page, and a FREE samples page!  I hope you enjoy!  Feedback is always encouraged!

Shhhh.. They're Coming

[01 Sep 2006|06:50pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Calling all undead types!

I am a fetish model in the Baltimore area with a deep love for all things gore!  I recently started my own website combining light bondage and seductive style with all the fun of blood and guts thrown in!  Sound good to you?  Then check it out!

Feed back of any nature is encouraged, provided it approached with a mature attitude!  I hope you enjoy!  This is a work in progress with plenty of room to grow so keep groaning visiting!

Shhhh.. They're Coming

WAKE UP! [23 Mar 2006|09:45am]

[ mood | determined ]

Our background disappeared and I can't get another one to display properly. I don't know what caused this malfunction so.. sorry!!

I hope this journal will "liven" up a little bit. I plan on posting more and boosting the morale.

Shhhh.. They're Coming

[21 Oct 2005|04:41pm]


Study Reveals Pittsburgh Unprepared For Full-Scale Zombie Attack : October 19, 2005 Issue 41•42


1 Braaaain the__infected Shhhh.. They're Coming

zombie for sale [27 Sep 2005|04:22pm]

I'm selling this zombie doll I made on ebay.

You can bid on it HERE.

Shhhh.. They're Coming

Clive Barker [03 Sep 2005|01:38am]

[ mood | don't...fall...asleep... ]

Unfortunately I missed the chance to see/meet him last weekend at F.o.F, but I read the latest issue of Walking Dead last night. If you don't know already it is a fucking amazing zombie comic (I don't even like comics, well I may like two or three). In the Letter Hacks at the end of the issue there was Clive's view on zombie's that I found quite interesting. Since I'm bored and not sleepy here it goes. a lameass summary:

Zombies are the liberal nightmare. Here you have the masses, whom you would love to love, appearing at your front door w/ their faces falling off; and you're trying to be as humane as you possibly can, but they are, after all, eating the cat. And the fear of mass activity, of mindlessness on a national scale, underlies the fear of zombies.
We live in zombie times. Fear of the mob. of the other, or the "rest of the world" (or of the red or blue states) losing their goddamm minds and pulling the few among us left...pulling us from all sides in to the pit of madness. As the nation begins to polarize and the "other side" is seen as increasingly dangerous and difficult to understand, a world in which humanity itsef dies only to rise up and tear the flesh from our very limbs seems less like fantasy and more like allegory.

That's not all of it, but I thought it was interesting. Go read The Walking Dead!

Shhhh.. They're Coming

Aim for the head... [13 Aug 2005|09:44pm]

[ mood | Storm in a tea cup. ]



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